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How To Choose a Women’s Leadership Development Program

Though leadership development is a top priority for many businesses and receives more funding than any other type of corporate ...

How to Lead With Resilience During COVID-19 - Her New Standard

How to Lead With Resilience During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Emotional cultures of workplaces affect how much we enjoy our jobs, how stressed we feel and our ability to do ...

How to Achieve Work Life Balance During COVID19 - Her New Standard

6 Tips For Maintaining Work-Life Balance During COVID-19

Stressed out? You’re not alone. 70 percent of workers say that COVID-19 is the most stressful period of their career, ...

5 Tips for Finding a Sponsor

5 Tips for Advancing Your Career Through Sponsorship

Did you know that in 2015 there were more CEOs named John than female CEOs in total? Yes, seriously. Fortunately, ...

tips for a successful sponsorship program

6 Tips For a Successful Sponsorship Program

Women outnumber men at almost every educational level and hold over half of all professional-level jobs, yet they make up ...

How to Be an Ally to Women of Color at Work

The recent killing of George Floyd has put racism in America under the microscope and ignited global calls for change, ...

3 Tips For Coping With Feeling Overwhelmed

Today we’re sharing three tips for coping with feeling overwhelmed. At Her New Standard we focus on advancing women in ...

How to Project Confidence In Interviews – Even When You’re Not Feeling It

By Ann Kaiser, Career Coach, I’m a career coach and PR Director in New York City who’s recently found ...

3 Questions That Will Help You Define Your Leadership Brand

3 Questions That Will Help You Define Your Leadership Brand

Is it easy for you to answer the question, “What’s your leadership brand?” If it’s fuzzy for you, you’re not ...

8 Strategies to Stay Visible While Working Remotely - Her New Standard

8 Strategies To Stay Visible While Working Remotely

Do you find it difficult to communicate your value in a way that doesn’t feel self-promoting? For many of us, ...


Women Trial Lawyers Caucus
The Resilient Lawyer: Create a New and Better Normal

When: 9/11/20
Where: Virtual

HNS Women’s Leadership Development Roundtable
Best Practices for Measurement Tools

When: 9/18/20
Where: Virtual

Champion Your Career Workshop
Societe Generale Women’s Network

When: 9/23/20
Where: Virtual

Fast Track
Virtual Leadership Bootcamp

When: 9/29/20
Where: Virtual

BD Women’s Network
What Holds Women Back

When: 10/7
Where: Virtual

HNS Accelerate
For Women Leaders on the Rise

When: 10/21/20
Where: Virtual
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