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About Us

When women ascend to leadership positions, the collective only gets stronger.

We are a team of organizational leaders, PhDs, and leadership consultants with rich, real-life experience. We are passionate and committed about guiding organizations to maximize their female talent so they reach their fullest potential –– crushing that proverbial glass ceiling.

We created Her New Standard to set a new norm for women leaders –– to help them rise up in today’s competitive world and make their mark. We understand organizational systems, cultural dynamics and women. Our work stimulates change that leads to breaking through barriers so women can create their own new standard.

the team

Executive Coach

While Chief Marketing Officer at Prudential, and after 20 years of front line and senior level financial services experience, June decided to change careers in order to pursue her passion for leadership development. For the past 8 years, and across a broad spectrum of disciplines and industries, June has coached high potentials preparing for next level, solid performers who need to close performance gaps and individuals making the leap from management to leadership. Her clients appreciate that June knows first hand what it is like to manage a large team, tight budgets, challenging deadlines and her personal satisfaction comes from seeing clients perform at higher levels while enjoying their jobs more.

Executive Coach

Simone Morris is a certified coach who specializes in providing coaching to empower women to get in the driver’s seat for their careers. She has a background that includes over two decades in Corporate America spanning information technology, commercial strategy and human resources (diversity and inclusion). She is the CEO of Simone Morris Enterprises LLC, a certified minority and women-owned business enterprise that provides consulting, training, coaching, and speaking services. Simone’s thought leadership can be found on various platforms (Glassdoor, Leadercast, Smart-Recruiters, Social-hire, and BambooHR) and she is also the author of The Power of Owning Your Career: Winning Strategies, Tools and Tips for Creating Your Desired Career.